Membership Requirements:
Membership in the Guild should be by invitation to those interested in advancing the purposes of the Guild and participating in the program activities during the year.

Active Members – $25 per year
Shall pay annual dues as assessed, support the way and means project and serve on at least one committee during the year.

Social Members – $35 per year:
Shall pay annual dues as assessed and may serve on a committee during the year.

Lifetime Members – $250 (Best Value)
Shall pay a one-time assessment of $250 and shall be considered an active member for life.

Members must also comply with one of the following;
1. Attend dinner and shows
2. Be a patron or major contributor to one of the fundraising activities during the current fiscal year.

Number of Active Memberships
Membership Name(s):

Number of Social Memberships
Membership Name(s):

Number of Lifetime Memberships
Membership Name(s):

Online prices contain a 3% convenience fee to offset credit card processing costs incurred by the Phoenix Theatre Guild.